Sales Policy

Rabbits must be reserved with a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due, in cash, at the time of pickup. Your rabbit will be ready for pickup at the age of 8 weeks the earliest, not any sooner. We will encourage you to wait for the rabbit to mature to an older age of 3-6 months. The older the rabbit is, the better we can assess the quality of its wool.


Red Pine Rabbitry does not ship any rabbits. The buyer is responsible for the safe and injury-free transfer of rabbits. A rabbit will come with a small bag of transition food, clipped nails, will have been treated with ivermectin and will have been wormed for roundworms. The rabbit might be shorn, in a partial coat, or in a full coat.


We guarantee health of our stock for 3 days (72 hours) after pick-up. Please contact us immediately if the rabbit shows signs of illness. In such a case, you can return the rabbit for a replacement or a full refund. We recommend to quarantine new animals for several days before introducing them to your rabbitry. If a rabbit gets injured after pickup, a refund does not apply.


We will always take back a Red Pine Rabbitry bred rabbit at any time. After our 3-day health guarantee, we do not provide  refunds for returned rabbits. The rehoming of a returned rabbit is at Red Pine Rabbitry's discretion.


Red Pine Rabbitry does not offer any guarantees as to the show potential, breeding potential, or wool production potential of any rabbits sold, as many factors can affect these qualities in a growing or grown rabbit. 


We do not sell any rabbits with obvious conformation flaws as “breeding quality” or “show quality”. Higher standard rabbits are judged within our own program and does not guarantee any show wins any time. We sell our “breeding quality” rabbits with pedigrees. Our strict standards ensure improvement of our line and the breed as a whole. Our customers are our go-to route if we needed to recover our lines.


***By placing a deposit you are agreeing to Red Pine Rabbitry’s sales policy on this web page.***