Giant Angora Rabbits


You might have heard: We are in the process of transitioning to Giant Angora Rabbits. 


We still have a few German Angora Hybrid Rabbits, French Angora Rabbits, and German Angora Rabbits that will occasionally give us a litter,  but our main focus now is to pamper the Giant Angora Rabbit.


The reason for our new focus is the near extinction of the Giant Angora and that we have gotten into serious Angora yarn production. Find out more about our products on


Why is the Giant Angora the best rabbit for our yarns? Let me tell you more.


The Giant Angora’s fiber is unique in the following ways: It grows synchronously, continuously, and densely, and if well bred is still an easy maintenance rabbit. It needs a haircut every three to four months. There is no fiber loss from molting or needing to pluck the rabbit whenever it decides to release its coat. Personally, we don’t like plucking, because it can be labor intensive and sporadic. And yes, the fiber is just as good cut as it is plucked. 


Are you about to wonder what the difference between a German Angora Rabbit and a Giant Angora Rabbit is? Because the description above fits a German Angora Rabbit, right?


The Giant Angora Rabbits fiber is finer than the German's. The reason for that is that the degree of micron separation between the four different (three different if you’re going by ARBA standards) fiber types within one coat is minimal. That makes for an overall softer feel of the coat and the resulting wool products.


We found that the fiber holds up well during the milling process. For extra strength, we like to add 10-20% of silk to our Angora wool blends in addition to the sheep wool we blend it with. 


The yarn we produce from our Giant Angora Rabbits is buttery soft and extremely warm. We hope other people will discover this amazing, gentle animal and pamper it as we do. We even have a wool buying program for high quality Angora Rabbit wool. Check it out on

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